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Leisure Yachts

With a long history in the leisure yacht industry, Jotun is dedicated to offer professionals and do-it-yourself users high performing products to provide a brilliant finish and make boat care easy. Explore our wide product range from test-winning antifouling to primers, fillers, topcoats and boat care that will make any boat owner proud of his boat.  

Jotun offers much more than paint – a combination of enthusiasm, creativity and commitment that is unrivaled in the yacht industry.

Jotun Easy Gloss

Jotun Xprimer

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Jotun Vinyl Guard

Jotun Vinyl Primer

Jotun Easy Primer

Esmaltes y Imprimaciones

Jotun Xtreme Gloss

Vinyl primer Easygloss Easyprimer Xprimer Xtreme gloss Vinyl guard